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Our Ice Mice program is geared for toddlers who are curious and excited to explore the ice. Our Skating Director, Moe Herr, is one of the co-creators of the LTSUSA Ice Adventurer's curriculum we use for our little mice. 


Curiosity and excitement for the ice in a toddler tends to turn to shyness, trepidation and even tears when they realize they have to actually get on the ice with skates on. That is why our focus is about exploring the ice and not about getting up and marching across the ice. We do a lot of off ice preparation to get used to wearing skates and once we are on the ice we are crawling, rolling, coloring and being silly. Ice Mice is where it is at for nervous first times kiddos.

You will also need to join LTSUSA.  Click here for the link.
Make sure to purchase ice time after submitting the registration form
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