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If you would be interested in being a "guest coach" at Frontier Ice Arena, please see our Guest Coach policy.

If you would like to contact one of the coaches listed below, send us an email, and it will be forwarded on to the coach.


Program Director

PSA Coach

Maureen (Moe) Brooks Herr, SFS, CM, ATM
Moe was born and raised in Lake Placid, NY, where she quickly fell in love with skating at the age of 2.  Moe became a gold medalist in Freestyle in 1994 and gained her second gold medal in Moves in the Field in 2005.  Additionally, she had passed her 7th figure test and her pre-gold dances.  Moe is a member of the Skating Club of Lake Placid's Hall of Fame and represented that skating club at North Atlantic Regionals at all levels.

Moe holds a PSA Senior Rating in Freestyle and a Certified Rating in Moves in the Field. Additionally, she is a Certified Athletic Trainer with a B.A. in Kinesiology.  Moe coached figure skating throughout New England for over ten years and then relocated to the Atlanta area for 6.5 years.  While in Atlanta, she developed competitive athletes who represented Georgia FSC throughout the South Atlantic region.  She also worked as the Atlanta Ice Forum's Skating Academy Coordinator. Her family relocated to the Bay Area in 2012, and she spent some time at Snoopy's Home Ice as Director, and Yerba Buena, as a coach.  

Moe coaches all ages and levels and enjoys developing young athletes and competitors. Her coaching philosophy is simple:  "...always be willing to make yourself better."

Disciplines:  Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Power Skating, Off Ice Strength and Conditioning.


PSA Coach

Sherry Wilkinson


Sherry was born and raised in Massachusetts. She started skating at age 8 and competed competitively until graduating high school. She found skating again as an adult in her 40’s in Coeur D’Alene.


Sherry is now a gold medalist in MIF and solo free dance and continues to enjoy skating for herself.


Sherry has her basic accreditation as a coach with PSA. She coaches all ages, kids and adults, in both group classes and private lessons.


PSA Coach

John Saitta
​As a former Figure Skating Director overseeing four prestigious ice rinks in the Los Angeles area, John’s strength lies in his ability to help skaters develop a love for figure skating.  
After a successful career in California that included coaching skaters to the U.S. National and World Championships, John moved to Coeur d’Alene in 2016.

John’s philosophy of “teaching lessons in life first and axels second” has helped inspire young skaters to not only become the best figure skaters possible, but also respectable young citizens who have learned the meaning of sportsmanship, commitment, leadership, perseverance and determination; it is from these life traits that champions are born.

John’s qualifications speak for themselves:
​. 1984 Junior Men’s National Freeskating Champion,
. USFS Double Gold Medalist
. 30+ years of coaching experience
. Level V PSA Ranking
. Certified PSA Rating
. Team USA Coach

John is accepting new students and especially enjoys working with beginning skaters, to help them pave the way to a lifelong passion for figure skating.


PSA Coach

Heather Sigmon

I was born and raised in Spokane Valley, but have moved all over the US while coaching kids up to adults. I’ve been skating since I was 8 years old, and give thanks to my parents for helping me achieve my goals.  I’ve been coaching since 2016. 


I am a Gold MIF skater and continuing to pass my Free-skate tests.  I am a show skater along with MIF.  I’ve had the privilege of being on Shows with Ice Creating Entertainment doing Adagio pairs.


Jumps and competing isn’t the only way to be a skater!  I truly enjoy coaching show tricks, whether it’s dramatic, characteristic, emotional, or comedy.  I love creating showcase programs with props for my kids and adults.


I’m a member of USFS, PSA, Learn to Skate, USAHA (USA Hockey Association), Learn to play Hockey, and CDAHA.  I coach power to figure skaters and hockey players, helping them understand edges and power from proper technique.  I am also a choreographer capturing the attention of the audience and judges to my kids' performance


PSA Coach

Kendall LeClaire

Kendall hails from Syracuse, New York. She fell in love with skating at age 4 and it’s been a continued passion ever since. Her competitive ice dancing took her to training locations such as Boston and Lake Placid over the course of her career. She is a two time national competitor in Ice Dancing and a quadruple US Figure Skating gold medalist in freestyle, moves in the field, solo free dance and ice dance, as well as completing her senior international dances. With over 20 years of coaching experience from coast to coast she coaches every level and age from beginner up in all disciplines, including coaching ice dance teams to the US Figure Skating Championships and a National Showcase Champion. Kendall specializes in moves in the field, ice dancing and choreography, with a background of coaching singles, teams, and large productions. She is the Director of our Theatre on Ice program Stellaris and head coach of our competitive team, the Stellaris Ice Theatre.


Kendall received her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Industrial and Labor Relations, where she was also a Division 1 lacrosse player. She and her husband relocated to the PNW in 2008 and they enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, biking and exploring with their two children. Kendall enjoys coaching all levels and aiding athletic development in pursuit of a goal. 


Coaching philosophy: “Excellence is not being the best; it is doing your best.”

Disciplines: Moves in the field, choreography, theatre on ice and showcase (solos, duets, teams) and ice dance


Lindsay Malcolm Bailey


Erika Gagne


Erika grew up in a small town near Montréal, QC and began skating at the age of 5. She loved it so much that she skated at 2 different clubs every week. She started out in singles competing regionally in Pre-Novice (Intermediate) and switched to Ice Dance at the age of 11. She is a 7-time Canadian National competitor, winning a bronze medal in Novice Dance. As a Senior Dance competitor, Erika trained in Boucherville, QC and Barrie, ON at the Mariposa National Training Center, participated in a training seminar in Oberstdorf, Germany and spent some time in Lake Placid, NY. 


Erika has her 4th Figure, Pre-Novice (Intermediate) in singles, Senior Dance (Competitive) and Diamond (International) dance tests. As part of her off-ice training, she took ballet, ballroom, flamenco, and folk dancing lessons and acting classes in Montréal, QC.  


After a great amateur career, Erika joined Disney On Ice in 2000, traveling to over 60 countries. She started out as an ensemble/character performer, learned pair skating and became a Principal Adagio performer for over 10 years. During her years with Disney On Ice, she choreographed and took part in multiple showcase group, solo & adagio pair numbers. 


Favourite quote; "Optimist: someone who figures out that taking a step backwards after taking a step forward is not disaster, it's a cha-cha." -Robert Brault

Alexey Crogh

Bio Coming Soon

Tosha Hanford

Originally from Northern California, Tosha fell in love with ice skating and performing while watching the Sun Valley Ice Show in Sun Valley, Idaho. She has had the opportunity to train under the guidance of international and world-renowned coaches, and has competed on the national and international level. Her love of skating allowed her to pursue a professional career with various ice shows and production companies including Willy Bietak Productions/Royal Caribbean, Disney on Ice, America’s Got Talent, Holiday on Ice, and Woodstock Productions, for over 12 years. She also has experience as a Character and Performance Trainer for Disney on Ice, has been certified as a personal trainer, and has a degree in psychology from UC Davis. Throughout the years, Tosha has also had the opportunity to coach at various skating facilities in Northern and Southern California, and Washington. Tosha greatly believes in creating a supportive learning environment and wants to share her knowledge and experiences with current and future skaters in ways that will positively impact their skating careers and their lives.


Dean Wiles is a Learn To Skate Instructor for Spokane Figure Skating Club, which provides the Lake City Figure Skating programs at Frontier Ice Arena.  Dean began skating on his backyard pond in Ontario, Canada, at age 3 and was fortunate to live in an area that had 5 skating rinks nearby. After moving to Spokane as a teen, he skated briefly before hanging up his skates for several years.


As an adult, he rejoined the Spokane Figure Skating Club to renew his love of figure skating and to help with club management and organizing figure skating competitions and Learn to Skate classes. After completing his Adult skating tests, he began competing and won the 2022 U.S. Figure Skating Adult Gold Men's Championship. His passion is to help figure skaters of all ages discover the joy of skating as they learn new skills and challenge themselves to master graceful moves, power, and control on the ice.


PSA Coach

Casey Gurney

Casey was born and raised in Northern California.  She learned to skate at seven years old at the historic Iceland Ice Skating Rink in downtown Sacramento. She competed as a freestyle skater for the Capital City Figure Skating club until her teen years.

Casey earned her AAS in Paralegal studies as well as her BA in humanities from Whitworth University. She currently lives in Rathdrum, Idaho with her husband and six children. She is working towards completing her Adult Testing Track and enjoys performing in exhibitions and adult competitions.

Casey has her accreditation as a coach with PSA and serves as an advisor to the Spokane Figure Skating Jr. Board.

Casey enjoys coaching adults with the philosophy of: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been” - George Elliot

Casey is currently accepting adult students.


Teressa Rupp  fell in love with skating at the age of three and has skated ever since. She has 10 years of coaching experience. She is a triple USFS Gold Medalist in Ice Dance, Freestyle & Moves in the Field. 


Teressa competed at the Jr. World Championships in Seoul, South Korea in ice dancing in 2011. After retiring from her competitive career, Teressa performed professionally in the skating shows at California’s Great America. 


Teressa enjoys teaching skaters of all ages and levels. She has enjoyed every stage of her skating career and now enjoys passing on her passion for skating to the next generation of skaters. 


Emily Viehouser

Emily started skating in Spokane at the age of 8, and quickly fell in love with the sport. She competed in Freestyle for over 10 years and went on to compete at the National level in Ice Dance.

Emily is a Double Gold Medalist in both Moves In The Field and Solo FreeDance and is currently testing through the Solo Pattern Dances.
She coaches Learn To Skate, Freestyle, Moves in the Field, And Showcase to all ages and anyone willing to learn!
Emily's family moved to Pullman Washington in early 2021 and she since then, in addition to coaching for Spokane FSC, she has also started coaching at the new Palouse Hills Ice Rink in Moscow, Idaho!

Emily's love of skating has continued from childhood into adulthood and has no means of slowing down as she continues to try her hardest on the ice.  Her favorite things are to watch her students fall in love with figure skating and to skate to their full potential.

Junior Coaches


Lily Joubert

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