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Theatre on Ice

Stellaris of Spokane Figure Skating Club is a Theatre On Ice (TOI) and Showcase program serving the Spokane, Washington, and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho skating communities. Founded in 2019, the program is one of the first of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. Originally named Legendary Showstoppers, the program now includes our national competition team Stellaris Ice Theatre, and our local introductory team, the Shooting Stars, and we will offer additional regional and discipline teams as our program grows.


TOI combines the grace, artistry, and creativity of figure skating with the excitement of dance and theater. With a focus on excellence, community, artistry, accountability, and perseverance Stellaris offers all skaters, from beginner to advanced, a place within our skating community while building the best programs and teams possible.


Theatre on Ice Information and Requirements: 


Stellaris Ice Theatre skaters must have passed Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills (Moves in the Field) by September 3, 2022. The 2022-2023 season runs from September through June, with multiple competitive and exhibition events throughout, and ends with US Figure Skating’s National Theatre On Ice competition. 

Click HERE to pay the Stellaris Ice Theatre monthly/semi-annual fee.  


Shooting Stars is open to all skaters, all ages Snowplow Sam 4 and above. There are several sessions available throughout the TOI season. Each session concludes with a local theatre exhibition event at a Lake City Figure Skating/Spokane FSC* event.

Session 1: $50 for 4-week session, September 3-October 1, 2022

Session 2: $75 for 6-week session, November-December 2022

Session 3: $100 for 8-week session, February -March 19, 2023*

Session 4: $75 for 6-week session, April-May 19-22, 2023 

            *Session 3 final exhibition event TBD

Click HERE to pay the Shooting Stars session fee.

Stellaris Supernovas is for adults only! Supernovas includes skaters of any skill level, 18 years or above. Supernovas have multiple opportunities to entertain local and regional audiences throughout the TOI season, exemplifying the community spirit of Stellaris and having a blast in the process. Come join us!

Click HERE to pay the Supernovas session fee.

If you have questions or comments, please contact the Stellaris Team Manager here for more information regarding our Theatre On Ice program. 


For more information on US Figure Skating Theatre On Ice and curriculum, click here.

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