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Our US Figure Skating Club is Spokane FSC while Lake City Figure Skating is our Learn to Skate USA Group Lesson program. Each program has a membership year that runs July 1-June 30. Any skater who enrolls in our group lesson program will be enrolled with LTSUSA automatically (unless you join through Parks & Rec). The LTSUSA membership will remain active as long as your skater enrolls in a group lesson program, Ice Mice-Basic 6 or Adults) during our membership year. Once your skater graduates Basic 6 or Adult 6 or stops participating in our group lesson program but continues with private lessons they MUST join Spokane FSC by July 1st of that membership year. 

The benefits of becoming a Spokane FSC member are many. First and foremost you are joining your skating family. We have a strong reputation of being a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community to our skaters and families. You will enjoy reduced fees for US Figure Skating Tests, the ability to participate in multiple club only events and exhibitions throughout the season, attend our annual awards banquet and many more.

First time Spokane FSC members may enjoy the benefits of the low cost Introductory Membership.


If you have questions regarding membership please reach out to our Director Moe Herr at

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