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Lake City Figure Skating & Spokane FSC host 4 events each year, including two exhibition performance opportunities and two competition performance opportunities. Each of these events are open to every skater within our programs. Figure skating is a performance sport, so we encourage all of our skaters to participate in each event. These events allow even our newest of skaters to grow his/her confidence by allowing them to showcase the skills they have been working so hard to master in their group lessons and private lessons. No skater is too new to participate in any event, we offer a performance opportunity at every level.



FUNtastic/All-Star Challenge

We begin the typical skating season (March-October) with this fun exhibition performance event that focuses on team bonding. Typically held in March, for this event we divide all skaters into teams. The teams compete for bragging rights based on team spirit and enjoyment of their performance. Technical standards are not judged at this event.


Lake City Classic

Our first competitive performance event is in May, when we host our annual Lake City Classic. This competition brings skaters from all of the Northwest and Canada to compete and test over three days and in a variety of events. 


Spinning Leaves

We wrap up our competition season with our final competitive event, Spinning Leaves. Typically held in mid October, this Compete USA, Learn to Skate competition is a great stepping stone for our lower level skaters and those newer to the competitive scene. 


Holiday Ice Show

Our annual Ice Show, typically held in mid-December, wraps up the calendar year with a festive and fun exhibition event. Every skater will participate in either a group number, a duet, a solo or sometimes 2 performances depending on their level.


Prior to FUNtastic/All-Stars, Lake City Classic, and Spinning Leaves we typically offer Private Lesson Performance Packages for skaters who have not entered the private lesson world. This allows those skaters to prepare for these events at a discounted rate. Skaters participating in these events are required to prepare for them with a private lesson coach, which is provided the package deal. Our annual Ice Show does not have the need for our newer skaters to prepare with a private lesson coach as many of them will learn their performance during their group lesson time.


Please keep your eyes out for information as we approach each of these events. 

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