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New to Skating

We are so excited that you have decided to start your skating journey with Lake City Figure Skating and Spokane FSC. As a brand new skater or parent I am sure you have many questions. Please see our FAQ page for some of those questions.


Here are some good points to know as your skater prepares to take the ice.

~The rink is cold so please dress your skaters warm, including mittens.

~We strongly encourage helmets!!!

~Skates need to fit like leather gloves, please wear the thinnest socks or tights you have. This will actually keep your skater's feet warmer and they will skate better.

~Depening on the time of year our classes can be REALLY busy. It may seem chaotic at first, but it is a "controlled chaos" :-). All skaters will receive attention, help and be taught the basics. Coaches will need to do this for every skater so please understand that we will do our best to help struggling skaters. Some may be moved to work with a different level based on their ability.

~As your skater progresses in their skills new opportunities will open up for them. Please see our flow chart for opportunities for figure skaters and hockey players.

~We are skating coaches and we love to teach people of all ages to skate. Whether your skater's plans are to become the next Alyssa Liu, Tyler Johnston or just be the best skater at their next skating b-day party we have a route for all of it.


Our Learn to Skate Group Lessons are always the place to start for any brand new or returning after years away skater. The curriculum in these lessons introduces basic skating skills and progresses skaters through jumps, spins and hockey specific skills. We do not teach stick skills. If you are interested in your skater progressing faster or getting extra help we recommend working with one of our amazing coaches in a private lesson setting. Private lessons do come at an additional cost, but are worth the individual attention and are a great supplement to group lessons.


For skaters who are interested in playing hockey we recommend they participate in group lessons through Basic 5 to give them the opportunity to learn forward and backward crossovers. In the summer we do offer a hockey class that is available to any skater who has passed Basic 2.


Our budding figure skaters will have 4 local opportunities to perform. Some are competitive and some are just exhibitions or ice shows. Either way, these are great ways for your skater to show off their skills and build some amazing self confidence. Private lessons are needed for most of these events and private lesson packages will be offered at reduced rates leading up to the event. There are additional competitive opportunities throughout the year if you are willing to travel to Spokane, Missoula, Boise, McCall or the Seattle area.


If your skater loves skating, but wants a team atmosphere then our Theater on Ice (TOI) program is for them. TOI combines the athleticism of figure skating with the dramatic performance side of Broadway and the theater. Our program starts with our Mini Legends. Skaters from Snowplow Sam 4 and above are welcome to join this program. The Mini Legends is similar to a house league team, they practice once a week for 30 mins and compete in our 4 performance events. Our competitive team, The Legendary Showstoppers, is for skaters who have passed their Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field Test and above. That test is the first official US FIgure Skating test a skater takes. Legendary Showstoppers train 2 days a week and perform and compete throughout the region and will be competing at the 2022 US Figure Skating Theater on Ice Nationals in June. Skaters participating in Legendary Showstoppers are expected to be committed to an entire season, typically September-Mid June, fundraise and participate in team events. This is a great opportunity for skaters to have an additional performance outlet.


Our program is geared for adults too!! Spokane FSC is the home club to Dean Wiles, 2022 US Figure Skating Championship Gold Men's National Champion!!! Our adults have a fierce bond beginning with our group lessons and graduating to private lessons and freestyle ice. It is such a great group of friends.


If you have additional questions please email our Director at, look out for parent informational meetings and other educational events.


Welcome to our skating family!!!  

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