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Basic Skills Mission Statement

The mission of the Basic Skills Program is to provide a goal-oriented program that encourages ice skating at all levels and to enhance the quality of skating skills at these levels.

The objectives of the program are:

.  To provide a fun and safe skating experience for the beginner as well as the more advanced skater
.  To teach correct technique of the simple basic elements
.  To promote health and physical fitness
.  To enable all participants to achieve the skills necessary to either skate for fun for the rest of their lives or to move 
competently into the U.S. Figure Skating advanced test and/or competitive structure.

WHO:  Developed by U.S. Figure Skating and approved by the Professional Skaters Association ("PSA"), the Basic Skills Program is available to any member figure skating club, ice facility, recreation department, individual skating instructor, college, university or other organization. Club affiliation is not a requirement to use the program.

WHAT:  This exciting program consists of Snowplow Sam, Basic Eights, Free Skate, Hockey, Adult, Dance, Synchronized Team, Pairs, Artistry in Motion, Speed Skating and Special Olympics group class curriculums. Upon completion of each level, the skater should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and technique to advance to the next level.

WHERE:  Basic Skills classes are conducted at registered ice facilities across the United States and internationally."


(excerpt from U.S. Figure Skating website)

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