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Holiday Ice Show

Skate Around The World!!!!

Date:  December 17, 2023
           3:30pm - 8:00pm

Hello Spokane FSC! As directors of this year's Holiday production, we are excited to announce this year's theme:


Skate Around The World!!!!


Follow Waddles the Penguin as he travels the world looking for a way back to Antarctica. Along the way, Waddles will make new friends and discover new cultures!


This year we will be creating a little more of a storyline for the production, so things might run a little differently. For this reason, we are starting sign-ups quite a bit earlier. Forms will be due September 15th. We would like to be able to start rehearsals at the beginning of October, to make sure we have the time to put everything together and to account for any changes that will be made.


A few things you will notice that are different from previous productions:


         -The cost of events has gone up. This is because as a club we would like to expand our collection of costumes and scenery. Instead of having parents/skaters purchase these items on their own, Spokane FSC will now be purchasing them.


         -This year soloists will not be choosing their own song, but may be given or short list of songs to choose from. The directors will then place soloists where they will fit best in the show depending on what other numbers they will be needed in.


         -We will be having multiple Low Test group numbers. Skaters will be placed in the numbers where they will fit best, according to height, ability, other numbers they may have to be in, etc. at the director's discretion.


We are extremely excited to try something a little different, and to see what our club can do! If you have any questions, please contact the Ice Show Directors for more information.




Chris Anders                                          Erika Gagne            


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